• 1996

    Founding of Professional Dietetics
  • 1999

    1st Food Supplement based on AA
  • 2003

    1st HA+AA Medical Device (Collagen Booster)
  • 2008

    Portfolio distribution in Italy
  • 2015

    1st formula for collagen and elastin
  • 2016

    Sunekos clinical trials
  • 2017

    Launch of Sunekos & Company Internationalization
  • 2019

    KOL and distribution partners in 25 Countries

Sunekos Laboratories

An Aesthetic Division of an Italian R&D Company established in 1996 called: Professional Dietetics.

Innovative Solutions

Specialized in Amino Acids-based formula for medical and third-party research purposes.

Innovative Solutions

The R&D exploit Amino Acid's biological diversity ad synergy with Hyaluronic Acid to restore the skin well-being and its physiological balance.

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