"Sunekos スネコス1セッションの経過"

"目の下の複合治療】 ・目の下の切らないたるみ取り ・目の下のコラーゲン+ PRP注入3回"



目元の小じわ解消  この例ではエラスチンブースターとしても当院で人気の 『スネコス (suneKOS )』 という製剤を使用しています。"

"1ヶ月ちょっとたって診てもらい ハリ、ツヤがでてきたね と言ってもらえたのと 小じわや、光老化でしぼんだ感じが軽減された感じがします😌 ※結果には個人差あると思います"

"My hands rejuvenated at …"

"Looking into the groundswell of self-care, investment into one's skin is definitely what I would put on the top of my list. Packed with Amino acids and Hyaluronic Acid, the first treatment of SUNEKOS already saw a smoother forehead texture. While SUNEKOS is not a filler but rather a medley of goodness to heal and mend your skin, it helps to improve the contour definition of your skin too!"

"No matter how many time I went for facial and the persuasion that frequent facial will improve my collagen doesn't help at all.

Until recently I was introduced to the Sunekos treatment which I got it done over at The Artisan Clinic."

"I’d like to share my experience about the Sunekos Treatment that I’ve done at Shens Clinic during the end of 2020. In fact, this is the best decision that I’ve made in 2020."

"Today, there’s a wider range of skin fillers and injectables available that promise to help rewind the effects of skin ageing, reduce wrinkles and boost collagen. One of them is Sunekos, a hyaluronic acid injectable that recently made its official debut in Singapore."

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