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Sunekos Review: Overall Skin and Under eyes Sunekos Results?

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In recent years, more and more people have become cautious about maintaining their skin’s beautiful condition due to the exposure of social media. As a result, skincare has witnessed a massive boom among beauty and cosmetic enthusiasts so to look good. And also, more and more people are becoming open about pursuing alternative options that can give them optimum results for their complexion. 

One of the alternative solutions that have grown in popularity is injectable skincare, or the use of facial fillers. Facial fillers have a polarizing reputation. While a lot of people are now accepting of it as a viable option, there is still some stigma that surrounds it. With that said, facial fillers are excellent alternatives that can immediately create positive change to your complexion. Today, we shall share one of the popular fillers that have popped up for its optimum result: Sunekos.

What is Sunekos?

Sunekos is an injectable skincare treatment known to result in less wrinkle formation and ageing skin by stimulating collagen regeneration by itself. It uses a unique patented HA + HY6AA formula, consisting of six essential Amino Acids (HY6AA; Glycine, Proline, Lysine, Alanine, Valine, Leucine) with Hyaluronic Acid (HA). The combination of these ingredients can help in the natural regeneration of collagen, elastin and Type 4 collagen. Sunekos uses a specific patented formula because any slight change to the formula can give you a different effect or lead to a different outcome.

Sunekos comes in two variants, Sunekos 200 and Sunekos 1200. 

Sunekos 200 is a dermal filler containing low-density Hyaluronic Acid with HY6AA that stimulates collagen and elastin production due to the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin and trigger the production of fibroblast. On the other hand, Sunekos 1200 is a booster particularly used in combination with Sunekos 200. It has antioxidant and ‘volumizing’ properties that reduce severe wrinkles and damaged skin.

Sunekos can be applied to different problem areas in the body, such as the face, forehead, under eye area, neck, hands, and arms. Its results address various skin problems, such as severe wrinkles, skin ageing, fine wrinkles, loss of hydration, dark eye circles, acne scarring, and sagging.

Sunekos Review in Japan

Sunekos is commercially distributed to 25 countries around the world. The brand is relatively new in the field of facial fillers in Asia. Despite that, it has been making a name for creating natural results in reducing wrinkle formation and skin regeneration. The amazing results brought by Sunekos injectable skincare are now available to whoever is interested in Japan. 

With that said, not all are willing to undergo such a procedure just by reading some materials regarding the products online. That’s where research comes in. As mentioned, there are cosmetic and beauty clinics in Japan that are now offering Sunekos. It may also help to look at reviews of people who have gone through the process that you are interested in the same experience. As Sunekos is a newer brand in Japan, there is still somewhat scarce material out there for you to compare and contrast. 

To help you, we found one woman, through Instagram, who underwent a “Sunekos Challenge”. A woman, with the Instagram handle @382_20210216, documented her experience of having the Sunekos injectable skincare, detailing everything that happened throughout the process. She specifically had the treatment on her forehead and under-eye area. The procedure was done in Akasaka Stella Clinic in Tokyo, under the administration of Dr. Yu Yanagishita.

For photos and videos of her journey, you can visit her own Instagram account, where she shared everything about her experience. However, all the posts are in Japanese. No worries, as we will detail everything that you need to know about her Sunekos journey, according to her posts. This may serve as a guide as you scroll through the photos and videos on her personal account.

The information presented in this article is purely for sharing purposes, there is no intention of providing medical advices in treating skin issues.

“Sunekos Challenge” Results in Japan

The woman’s treatment did not happen in just one sitting. Sunekos was carried out in specific doses across 4 treatments. She shared how she consulted her doctor and medical staff for an option that will suit her thin skin. That’s when she’s introduced to Sunekos, and she went on to have her first treatment.

For her first treatment, she had Sunekos applied to her forehead and the area next to her eyes. Immediately after the injection, she noticed how the area became bumpy. She described it as a “reptile-like texture” and “like a bubble wrap used for packaging”. Soon enough, the bumps in the area around her eyes subsided, making it look almost flat. Two hours after the procedure, there was a bit of internal bleeding that remained, but she was permitted to go home. She also noted how people did not notice anything peculiar about the areas she got treated.

Treatment with Sunekos is an outpatient procedure. It means that there’s no downtime and the patient can immediately continue with her routine right away. Moreover, slight swelling and bleeding may be a normal occurrence after the injection, though it subsides eventually, as the woman referred to in her post.

On April 21, two weeks after the first session, the second treatment was administered. Here, she noted that was yet to see significant changes on her face. After injecting her forehead, similar bumps appeared in the area. The eye area, which was first injected, became reddish, but the injectable skincare was absorbed later on.

During the follow-up of her second treatment, the woman described the tension around her eyes. She clarified that it is not swelling. Rather, it is a small sign of how Sunekos was taking effect. There aren’t instant changes, as said, but changes are slowly becoming prominent. To display the progress, she also posted a photo that shows the absence of fine wrinkles under her eyes.

The woman came back for her third treatment on May 5. To monitor her progress, Dr. Yanagishita examined her skin’s changes before the injection. Here, her doctor pointed out changes that she hadn’t noticed herself, such as her skin’s volume number was approaching zero, which means her condition is improving. They then proceeded to administer the injection. Again, bumps appeared on her face. She shared how her face looked and felt good three hours after the session. The bumps had flattened a bit. There was slight point-like bleeding, but nothing that foundation or concealer can’t cover.

For her third treatment follow-up, the woman revealed that she had internal bleeding. However, she did not feel pain and felt normal. With that said, the internal bleeding stands out after the day of the injection. She advised her followers to avoid scheduling important dates close to your session to avoid having people noticing it. If can’t be avoided, again, foundation and concealers can help cover it up.

She again made another follow-up a week after her third session. The woman measured the wrinkles near the corner of the eye, the area she was most worried about. She shared how the size, depth, and width of her wrinkles were reduced. As a result, skincare became a more soothing experience for her.

Her final treatment happened on May 11, one week after the last session. Dr. Yanagishita pointed out changes that even she noticed, the woman said in one of her posts. She also mentioned the joy of seeing the changes reflect on the images she documented. There were time constraints for her last session, so the anaesthesia time was shorter than the previous, though she stated that the eye area was easy to anaesthetize. Moreover, she felt the tension and water retention around the eyes due to the procedure.

In her final follow-up, the woman reflected on the results of her “Sunekos Challenge”. The internal bleeding from the third session has subsided and is most likely to disappear with the fourth internal bleeding within a week. Comparing her photos before and after Sunekos, she noted that wrinkles under her eyes had improved. Furthermore, her complexion enhanced, and she noticed a newfound firmness in her skin quality. Finally, the feeling of dryness has decreased due to the hydrating properties of Sunekos.

That concludes her Sunekos review. The woman we have spoken about is only one of the growing number of people who have witnessed the benefits of injectable skincare, not only in Japan but all over the world. There are other Sunekos reviews in Japan that you can search. It might be tedious to find this information, but it is worth it if you want a glimpse of what it’s like to undergo the procedure. There are other reviews outside Japan that you can read. 

With that said, every person has their individual needs when it comes to their skincare. The best way to find out if Sunekos is right for you is to consult a cosmetic professional near you that offers the treatment. So if you want to combat wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing, you can start as early as now!

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