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Sunekos In-Depth Article: What Is Extracelluar Matrix (ECM) Repair For Your Skin?

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Replenishing your collagen is a known fact to keep your skin youthful, healthy and supple. But, what do you know about collagen and how to stimulate and trigger the reproduction of collagen in your skin? In this in-depth article sharing, you will be introduced to a new element called: Extracellular Matrix Regenerative System. 

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Extracellular Matrix (ECM), the pillar that supports our cell structures, is responsible for sending biochemical signals that control cellular process that determines the growth and survival of our bodily cells. Any impairment to the assembly of proteins that make up the ECM means deterioration of our health, because this damage will cause diseases and illnesses to develop. Tensile strength and elasticity are properties that our skin gradually lose as we age. Instead, the loss in cell-cell adhesion increases stiffness.

ECM mainly consists of proteoglycans (PGs) and fibrous proteins. Key characteristics of PGs include hydration, buffering, cell binding, and force-resistance. PGs are hydrating gels that fill the extracellular interstitial space within tissues, contributing to cell adhesion and healthy cell migration and proliferation processes. In fact, PGs are composed of glycosaminoglycan (GAG) chains that are essentially also HA. Thus, the highly hydrophilic molecular properties enable hydrogel formation that allows the ECM structures to withstand high compressive forces. 

Collagen, the main structural element in ECM, is the also the most abundant fibrous protein within the ECM that regulates cells adhesion, give tensile strength, and support tissue development. Associated with elastin which is a major ECM fiber, lends recoil capabilities to tissues that constant undergo stretches repeatedly, such as skin tissues. Meaning, the structural integrity of our skin is compromised due to reduced collagen, which explains how it loses its firmness over time.

ECM’s Role in Skin Aging

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While aging is a natural process that degenerates the ECM, wounded ECM is also common amongst acne-prone skin types. Imagine this as the scaffolds we add to support a decades-old whilst its aging foundations are increasingly unstable. Likewise, an aging skin is held together by weakened ECM basement membrane that has lost most of its fibrous proteins like collagens, elastins, fibronectins, and laminins. 

Gaps between epithelial cells will appear, causing stiffening of the skin as our skin tissue ages. Reduced levels of the tissue-associated GAGs and elastin fibers mean weaker resistance to tensile stresses. Another impact of aging is the inhibition of fibroblast cell growth, a connective tissue that modulates wound healing. The loss of functional fibroblast negatively impacts wound healing. Fibroblast is thus critical for improving appearance of acne scars, pigmentation, and stretch marks.

By restoring our ECM’s homeostasis abilities – that is to maintain the optimal physical and chemical cellular environment – Sunekos’ injectable lines can replenish our cell tissues with much-needed ECM proteins that help restore our youthfulness.

The HA has natural hydrating and stimulating properties to re-vitalize the skin. Fibroblasts is rapidly produced, promoting both tissue and cell repair for wound healing efficacy, synthesizes collagen, and ECM constituents. Clearly, the combination of HA and AA mixture in Sunekos 200 increases gene expression of elastin that has firming effect on our skin, because our skin lose strands of anisotropic fibers as we age. 

Restoring Youthfulness: How to Repair and Revitalize Our ECM?

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Sunekos’ R&D PLAATFORM developed an internationally patented HY6AA formula to restore homeostasis of the ECM. A series of 6 AA combination constitutes this ECM-targeting formula – Glycine, L-Proline, L-Lysine, L-Alanine, L-Valine, L-Leucine, and HA. This specific AA formula is capable of stimulating fibroblasts to produce these individual components, while also regenerating new young fibroblast to effectively promote the physiological production of a collagen mix effectively, such as Collagen Type IV and Elastin

Simple as it may sound, the concoction requires a delicate balance of AA that is, the golden ‘stoichiometric’ ratio’s sweet spot, for the formula to reproduce specific proteins to maximize collagen and elastin synthesis. In other words, a slight off-center calibration results in an incorrect and inadequate collagen and elastin protein synthesis, whereby an over-concentration of AA quantity generates selective competition that prevents collagen and AA precursors to synthesize effectively, while an over-diluted AA mix causes incomplete protein synthesis of collagen with no elastin production at all. 

What’s Sunekos Latest Injectables?

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Sunekos Laboratories offer safe and effective non-surgical aesthetic treatments, investing heavily in Research and Development (R&D) to develop clinically-proven formulas to deal with ageing by targeting Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Regenerative System. 

Sunekos’ Injectable Line, bagging prestigious awards for innovation and pioneering, owns a patented formula that has proven successful in restoring skin elasticity and natural volumes, while also boosting moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties. 

Injectable product line such as, Sunekos 200, 1200, and Sunekos Body, underwent intensive clinical trials. In fact, the scientific community had published in top-tier medical journals to prove that Sunekos’ patented formula stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Sunekos’ now focuses on Extracellular Maxtrix (ECM) regeneration R&D that promotes elastin and collagen growth – key recipes to younger skin and anti-aging. Established since 1996, Sunekos developed solutions for common skin conditions like skin-ageing, post-acne, scars, dermatitis, hyper-pigmentation, and melasma. Health professionals have adopted its industry-leading innovations that include the ‘hyaluronic acid (HA) + amino acid (AA)’ collagen booster medical device, AA-based food supplement, and a groundbreaking collagen-elastin patented formula. Sunekos’ history of intensive clinical trials and laboratory research has reinforced their commitment towards skin health restoration with the safest and most effective methods. 

ECM research has been yielding good results. Now, consumers and health professionals can purchase the Injectable line which has finally arrived in Asia. Sunekos 200, first among the Injectable line, aims to restore youthfulness and is found suitable for all skin types. Both young users and elders can apply this treatment on wrinkled forehead, neck, hands, dark eye circles and bags, or even a full face treatment. Naturally, the aging process comes with facial volume loss, wrinkling (Crow’s feet), and sagging skin – all due to a loss in collagen and constant exposure to solar radiation. 

Intensive Research Behind Sunekos Injectables: Scientifically Proven Outcomes 

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Thorough in-vitro and in-vivo studies have produced statistically meaningful results that enabled Sunekos to successfully formulate the perfect HA-AA blend. Meaning, the in-vitro research stage was performed with fibroblast cell cultures under controlled laboratory environments, followed by the next stage where in-vivo studies involve certified human clinical trials and subject were put under observation for prolonged periods of time. 

In-vitro research on the Sunekos 200 injectable line have proven that within 120 hours, the 6 AA combination could effectively double protein expression of collagen and elastin. To stimulate photoaging, an in-vitro quantification study was conducted to compare elastin’s genetic expression under exposure to a UV radiation source, against Sunekos’ injectable application. 

The research has established that a rapid degradation of elastin, a process known as elastosis, was eventually observed after a brief and unstable proliferation. On the other hand, Sunekos’ combination of 6 AA and HA formula was proven physiological active to stimulate elastin genes expression – a stable and meaningfully quantifiable three-fold increase over a period of 120 hours. Reinforcing the efficacy of Sunekos’ injectable products and its ability to counteract against photoaging, this study observed elastogenesis as opposed to elastosis under damaging UV rays. 

Understanding How Sunekos Injectables Work: An In-Depth Analysis

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Sunekos has approached the photoaging problems from a AA and HA perspective, because it believes that safe and effective solutions must be based on scientifically robust qualitative and quantitative studies. 

AAs are genetic compounds that join to form short polymer chains known as peptides, while the longer chains are called polypeptides or proteins. Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine belong to the AA family essential for body growth, like tissue repair and muscle rebuild. In fact, these 3 AAs account for 30-40% of the essential amino acids. Moreover, essential amino acids cannot be synthesized within the body – meaning that only external stimulants can help it synthesize. Conversely, non-essential AAs such as alanine, serine, proline, arginine, can be synthesized within the body naturally. 

Internal clinical trials have validated that combining medium-to-high density HA (Sunekos 1200) with low-density HA (Sunekos 200) does indeed enhance efficacy and effectiveness. Compared to the single-action application of Sunekos 200, the combined-action treatment resulted in an observable 24% increase in facial volume and 33% improvement in Facial Volume Loss Score (FVLS).  Meaning, this combined-action treatment regime is highly recommended for cases of severe wrinkles and faces that looks carved and empty. This property makes this combined treatment most suitable for the elderlies. Essentially, Sunekos coined this as the ‘cushion’ technique. To form a supportive scaffold, the first treatment requires only Sunekos 1200, followed by Sunekos 200 for the remaining 4 following treatments. 

Translating Research Outcomes to ‘Injectables’

In short, Sunekos’ R&D approaches are influenced by findings originating from established research studies. The Switzerland-based research reinforces Sunekos 200 and 1200 treatments that focuses on AA and HA solutions to regenerate the ECM, as this patented golden ratio formula helps with natural production of collagen and elastin to stimulate fibroblast activities. The promise of high absorption means observable improvements within a shorter timeline, beginning from the first treatment session. By restoring facial volumes, consumers who adopt a combined use of Sunekos 200 and 1200 will be on-track to firm sagging skin and lighten severe wrinkles. Learn more on Sunekos Reviews Here!

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