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Wrinkles SOS: 3 Main Body Parts That Reveal Your Age!

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More and more people, especially women, are becoming concerned about the state of their skin’s health. In a recent study, women’s attitudes toward beauty and ageing have undergone radical changes over the last century. Moreover, they have become more conscious and aware of the aesthetic appearance of their skin as they age. Young women are mainly concerned about signs of fatigue and dark circles around their eyes, while older women complain about unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of natural smoothness in their skin.

Our skin is always exposed to the ever-changing environment and even harmful chemicals that can rapidly age our skin/face.

Speaking of an ever-changing environment, the intense heat that comes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause major skin damage. The facial skin loses elasticity and becomes dry when it is directly exposed to the sun. Its collagen fibres and elastin fibres break down and would not be able to hold the moisture of the skin. 

Additionally, UV rays speed up the facial skin ageing process because of dehydration, lack of proper nutrients, and an unhealthy lifestyle. On the other hand, sunburn can also occur when the facial skin is exposed to the intense scorching sun rays for a long duration of time.

Modern women would seek out cosmetic methods and cosmetic products that would help them to look younger, rejuvenate their skin and slow down the effects of ageing. It is estimated that nearly 50% of women consider the possibility of having a cosmetic procedure. Others would resort to an active and healthier lifestyle to help their skin maintain its natural appearance and glow, while there are some that would require only the right diet and sleep.

The most noticeable part of your body is the face. It is typically the first thing that people notice. Your face may reflect your emotional state and also your age. As time passes by, signs of ageing become more visible because of unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging of your skin.

However, there are other parts of your body that also need your attention for you to take care of them as you age. Here are the other three main parts of your body that may reveal your age:

Wrinkled Hands Is One Key Reason That Reveals Your Age!

Your hands play an important role in your daily life. It is one of your body parts that are critical when it comes to knowing or guessing your age. An ordinary person could easily guess or identify your age range by simply looking at your hands or by merely touching them.  It is self-evident that a woman is getting old when she shows some signs of fine wrinkles and sagginess.

Aside from natural ageing, there are factors that may accelerate the process of ageing in your hands. Household products such as cleaning products, ultraviolet rays (UV rays) from the sun, and smoking can contribute to the deterioration of the aesthetic appearance of your hands’ skin.

What Causes Wrinkled Hands?

  • Household products 

Household products such as dishwashing soap and detergents contain chemicals that can be harmful to your hands’ skin. Unwanted wrinkles may appear when you use these products over time because the skin will become rougher and more wrinkly due to the strong chemicals. In order to protect your hands, it is advisable for you to use a pair of rubber gloves when you are washing dishes or doing your laundry. The gloves will act as a barrier between your hands and the chemicals found in those products. 

  • Ultraviolet rays 

The sun’s rays are one of the major contributors to your hands’ ageing process. The changing temperature affects your skin’s moisture level and may lead to dryness. Direct sunlight can damage your skin, causing wrinkles or sunburn, since the UV rays are responsible for the direct depletion of the elastin in the skin of your hands.

  • Smoking

A recent study shows that smoking affects several biophysical characteristics of the skin. Moreover, tobacco smoking may have a negative impact on the skin’s density and thickness.  

We must remember that nicotine is one of the harmful chemicals that can be found in tobacco and e-cigarettes. When a person smokes or inhales this chemical, the nicotine travels within the blood vessels. At the same time, nicotine constricts the blood vessels in your body. Thus, there would be a reduction in blood flow in your body, making oxygen less available. The lack of oxygen in your body will impair its function and may cause unwanted diseases including other skin diseases like cancer, warts, increased skin pigmentation, and premature ageing. 

Neck Lines Are Signs Of Ageing

It is undeniable that the genes in your body play a big role when it comes to the appearance of your body, including the skin on your neck.  Some people may have won the genetic lottery and may have firmer and smoother skin on their necks as they grow old. Other people may have more wrinkled and saggy skin, even if they are young.  It’s also important to keep in mind that one of the reasons their skin tends to flake and sag, or to show more wrinkles, is because the skin on their neck is far thinner in comparison to the skin on their face and other parts of their bodies.

Did You Know That Your Improper Posture Is One of the Main Reasons Causing Your Neck to Look Older?

A common posture like bending your head downwards to use your phone or reading a book may actually cause your neck’s skin to crease and degrade.It is able to create wrinkles and undesirable fine lines when it is done over a long period of time. Gradually, you will also feel a sense of uncomfortable ache or soreness around the neck area.

Furthermore, gravity is responsible for the drooping and sagginess of the neck’s skin. As the skin loses its firmness, it becomes easier for gravity to affect the skin’s physical structure. It is impossible for you to take control of gravity. 

However, you may still have to take care of your neck’s skin to lessen the effects of wrinkles and skin sagging. You may use anti-ageing skincare to minimise the effects of ageing while opting for a more active and healthy lifestyle in order to keep a smooth blood flow in your body that helps your skin to become healthier and slows down the process of ageing. 

Ageing Is The Reasons To Care For Your Décolleté (Neck to Chest Area) 

For those who are unfamiliar with the word “décolleté,” it is a French word that literally means “low neckline of a woman’s dress,” but it can also refer to the skin area that can be found in the chest, neck, and shoulders of a woman, including the upper back. 

The décolleté is fragile and produces less oil. Its oil glands are very few, and the skin thickness is also thin, making it prone to becoming dry. Eventually, unwanted wrinkles and dark spots will appear as a result of prolonged exposure to heat, pollution, poor sanitation, and direct sunlight over time.

Compared to your hands and neck, the décolleté is less noticeable as most clothing can cover this part of the body. So why is it such a contentious area?

Let’s say you’re attending a glamorous party. You would want to wear the best dress that truly expresses your style and personality. There are garments which are designed to reveal some parts of a woman’s body to emphasise their figure such as their legs, arms, and décolleté. You wouldn’t want yourself to not wear the desired outfit just because of these wrinkles and unwanted fine lines right? 

To help you fight the effects of ageing, you may need to avoid direct exposure to intense sunlight.  It would be better if you use cosmetic products like sunscreen if you’re going to go out and this will protect your skin and lessen the effects of sun rays. The use of moisturisers and other serums will help you slow down the skin’s ageing process while at the same time allowing it to repair it because of the nutrients it contains.  As much as possible, you may need to apply these cosmetic products to your décolleté, religiously, otherwise, the results might not be visible. 

How To Treat Existing Wrinkles?

For you to get a better understanding of how wrinkles form on your skin, here is an example.  Imagine, you are holding a piece of cloth. Think for a moment that you are holding a piece of cloth in your hand. When you stretch that cloth, it transforms into a flat, smooth, and tight surface. This mimics what the skin looks like when you are still young. The skin is capable of doing this simply because it has enough proteins and natural compounds that help the skin repair itself while keeping its moisture. 

However, when you do not stretch out the cloth, it creates uneven wrinkles while the rest of it seems to go down as if being pulled by gravity.  This is similar to what happens to the skin when you age because of the lack of collagen and other proteins that support it. Unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging would start to appear. 

With the help of innovative cosmetic products, the skin will be healthier and able to restore back to its youthful state.

HY6AA Injectable treatments: Hyaluronic Acid-based With Amino Acids Fillers for wrinkle repair 

With the advent of modern cosmetic technology,  professional cosmetic manufacturers came up with injectable treatments that enhance the natural aesthetic features of the skin by improving the quality of the skin, restoring deep hydration, regenerating collagen, elastin and type IV collagen naturally, and reducing wrinkles. 

It can help patients address wrinkles and other unwanted outcomes of skin-ageing in delicate areas of the body like the face, neck, and décolleté.  Yet, not all injectable treatments are capable of targeting those areas. 

On the bright side, there are innovative injectable treatments that are currently available in the market that contain a patent-protected mixture of hyaluronic acid as well as a blend of amino acids, collagen and elastin precursors (HY6AA). This type of combination promotes the regeneration of the extracellular matrix, which leads to dermal biogenesis. 

Moreover, these kinds of injectable treatments help the skin to maintain its moisture not only to its surface level but also significantly enhance your skin’s ability to stay hydrated and keep its moisture deep within for a longer period of time that can span up to 6 months. 

Without a doubt, these types of injectable treatments are truly game-changers in the field of anti-ageing cosmetic treatments. It allows the patients to regain their skin’s aesthetic not only at the surface level of their skin but also at a deeper level. Thus, these injectable treatments help them boost their self-image and confidence in themselves. 

How To Prevent Skin Ageing?

The benefits of a daily skincare routine could help you to minimise visible signs of skin ageing such as wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and psoriasis. However, it may not be possible to reduce these wrinkles and other signs of ageing when they start to appear in different parts of your body, especially your hands. This is why you may choose to opt for cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers because they can help you to reduce these unwanted signs of ageing in different areas yet at the same time rejuvenate your skin deep within.

At the end of the day, the quality of your skin depends on how you take care of yourself and how you treat your skin while using cosmetic treatments.  Always remember that everyone is able to acquire perfect-looking skin as they age with the right methods. There will always be the chance of imperfections and wrinkles on their skin. The best thing you can do is to learn to accept these minimal flaws in your skin but at the same time focus on how you can attain high-quality skin that is healthy and safe. 

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